About The Writer

Michael DicksonMichael Dickson is Executive Director of the StandWithUs Israel office. From Jerusalem, Michael leads an international team at StandWithUs, a respected provider of Israel educational material and programs, and oversees, from Jerusalem, the international work of the non-profit educational and outreach organization as well its huge social media presence.

This includes pioneering innovative Israel educational initiatives and hosting delegations of politicians, diplomats, academics and other people of influence in Israel.

Michael has been intimately involved in establishing the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship, which has become the go-to public diplomacy program on Israeli campuses and has graduated over 1,500 of the country's future diplomats and leaders – a highly influential network. These outstanding Israeli young adults have gone on to staff major corporations, political parties in the Knesset, government ministries and embassies and NGOs worldwide.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree from University College London (UCL) and diplomas in Management and Project Management. Born in the UK, Michael made Aliyah to Israel in 2006 from London as the Second Lebanon War ended, together with his wife and two young children – they now have five children and live in central Israel.

Michael regularly addresses audiences and broadcasts on issues pertaining to Israel and public diplomacy. He is an accomplished writer and some of his articles and TV interviews can be seen here.

Michael has led diplomatic, academic and journalist missions to Israel and has advocated for Israel in different forums, including at the UN “Durban II” conference, in the Knesset, in Europe, the US and in the Far East. Michael has helped pioneer the organization’s social media activity, which now has a weekly Facebook page peak reach of over 105 million people. He has been instrumental in setting up “social media situation rooms” as far back as in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead, which he referred to as “the first social media war” to Reuters news agency.

Michael was very active in the UK Jewish community and was twice appointed to Bnei Akiva UK’s executive. Following this, he spent a short time working in top advertising firms before being appointed as Director of Informal Education at JFS, the largest Jewish school in Europe. In the five years he was there, Michael formed a department that pioneered innovative programming for 2,000 Jewish students on a daily basis, dealing with all aspects of Jewish life and Israel. He worked with senior representatives from the Christian and Muslim communities to formulate effective and original Multi-faith programs that met Government guidelines. He made Israel educational initiatives a central focus of school life and also launched the groundbreaking “Ambassador” program, a reality-TV show format educational format based on the Israeli TV series of the same name, teaching students skills in advocating for Israel, which was rolled-out in UK schools nationwide.

StandWithUs was formed in 2001 in Los Angeles, where the Head Office is based. Under Michael’s leadership, StandWithUs’s operation in Israel has grown exponentially, empowering people in Israel and internationally to be active advocates for Israel and countering efforts to impose commercial, academic and cultural boycotts on Israel. Michael oversaw the construction of the new StandWithUs Educational Center in Jerusalem, opposite the King David Hotel. The site hosts 20,000 students and tourists a year, participating in educational programs.

Michael is a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Communication (CIC) of Bar Ilan University, is an Honorary member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, and was appointed to the Spectrum Forum of leading Executive Directors in Israel under the age of 40. In 2016, he was named as the 14th most influential Jew on Twitter and also one of the “30 Israelis Making a Difference” by Channel 10 TV’s “Hazinur” at a ceremony at the President of Israel’s Residence. Michael was listed in the Top 30 of "The Aliyah 100 List" of British immigrants to Israel, one of the "flag bearers who shape the state of Israel and made a significant contribution".

Michael continues to be an energetic, influential and active voice for Israel to the world.