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Did Haaretz mislead its readers about Rihanna?

October 24, 2013

Originally published at The Times of IsraelI left Park Hayarkon having had a great time at Rihanna’s Tel Aviv concert, part of her global “Diamonds” tour which was attended by 55,000 people. As usual, the next day, the media poured over the amount of songs she sang, how late she was, what she wore… but…

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Meet Israel’s Next Ambassadors

June 6, 2013

Originally published at The Times of IsraelThis month, our organization StandWithUs is celebrating the graduation of our 1,000th Israeli Fellow. To appreciate what a historic moment this is, let me take you back to 2006.As missiles were flying into Israel’s north from Hizbollah positions in Lebanon, my wife and I were packing our bags and…

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Israel: Democracy in Action

January 20, 2013

Originally published in The Times of IsraelDear World,This week an amazing thing will happen in the Middle East. Keep that in mind, because your local media may not represent it that way.Millions of citizens, men and women, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race or religion, will head to the polls. Totally free, democratic elections, will take…

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Interview with Jerusalem Post: Educate and Respond

August 1, 2013

StandWithUs Director Michael Dickson believes pro-Israel activists can win the battle against anti-Zionists if they are provided with the right toolsJerusalem PostBy Arsen OstrovskyAugust 1, 2013If you are a student who wants to be a better advocate for Israel on a US college campus, are fighting a BDS campaign or want to learn more about…

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Interview with Jewish Journal: A Message to the World

June 18, 2013

A message to the world – an interview with Michael Dickson, Israel Director of StandWithUs by Noga Gur-Arieh June 18, 2013 “We deal with truth and with facts”- Dickson On June 17th, StandWithUs celebrated the graduation of their 1000th student ambassador (or “fellow” as they call it,) and seven years of activity in Israel. The event…

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